An amazing start to Toni’s Journey with us, she is now on stage 2 but for now here is her story…..

My weight has gone up and down over the years. I have been to detox retreats, boot camps and had personal trainers.
I wanted a life style change rather than a quick fix and that’s when I discovered Total Care Personal Training.
TCPT are professional, knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with. Right from the start they gave me the encouragement and motivation to start this amazing journey.

They didn’t ask for a food diary, we all know what we’re doing wrong and I didn’t need it highlighted! We wiped the slate clean and started with a fresh new nutrition plan which was easy to understand and simple to stick to. You do need to be organised but once you’re in a routine it’s easy. The food is delicious and I never feel hungry. I felt the benefits within the first week – I was less bloated and my stomach felt flatter. I had suffered with irritable bowl and psoriasis and since starting the nutrition plan, both of these have completely cleared up.

The programme works for many reasons, firstly it’s the team behind Total Care Personal Training. They are all lovely helpful people and practice what they preach.

Previously I’ve booked a PT, paid for each session as I have it. I used the PT 3 times and week for the first 2 weeks then other “more important” things get in the way. So I’ve never stuck with a PT for more than a month or so. At TCPT you pay monthly, at first I was a little reluctant to this, but it shows your commitment to making the changes and I don’t want to waste my money and therefore make sure I use every session I have paid for – suddenly all these other important things don’t get in the way.

The app is great too – rather than calling your PT to find our when they’re free, simply log on and find a session that suits you. I love it!
It’s progressive training, the studio is not full of meat heads pumping heavy weights, just like minded people. Everyone looks out for one another and no one judges you. It’s such a lovely atmosphere, and with no more 4 people training at any one time, you know the trainer is making sure you’re training safely and your technique is right.
I’ve never been interested in weights, I’ve always enjoyed a cardio work out. Total Care Personal Training has completely changed my mind set and I thoroughly enjoy every training session.
I’m amazed at how my body has transformed and look forward to continuing this fantastic journey!

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