At Total Care Personal Training the following three points are all necessary to obtaining the goal of being Fit, Strong & Healthy

Think of this as a tripod (3 legged stand). If 1 leg is too short – the stand will fall over. All 3 need to be even to obtain balance

Point 1 – Correct Training:
Muscle is extremely hard to build and it takes time. Incorrect training can also cause long term injury. This also refers to changing your body’s appearance i.e. lean, defined and strong. The problem with this is that whatever regime you follow, it might take years to find out if you are correct or not. This assumes of course that you stick to a properly outlined program. If the advice you are following is flawed, you are doomed to failure but it could take years to discover this.
Question: What is correct training?
Answer: Correct training needs to be both scientifically researched as well as experience based. You need to have faith in your instructor but also you need to question him or her. If the answers are not logical, you would be a fool to follow their advice. They need to have done their homework in researching training methods but also they need to have trained at a high level for many years to obtain the necessary experience and techniques. I they do not have the years of experience, they need to have served an apprenticeship of some type to have learned from someone who has. Technique and speed of movement is critical in safe continued improvement.

Point 2 – Correct Nutrition:
Have you ever stopped to think that in effect your body is a well tuned machine? It is extremely efficient at breaking food down into nutrients that make the machine work. If the fuel that we ingest is of low quality, expect the machine to work at reduced capacity. If the fuel (food) is of very low quality (or too much causing system overload) the machine begins to break down.
Would you put low quality fuel or even diesel into a highly tuned Ferrari motor car? What do you think might happen?
Balance is the key, you need to eat mainly unprocessed natural food in the proper quantities.
You need:
Fats (the good kind – unsaturated)
Protein (the best protein is animal based such as eggs, meat, chicken & fish)
Carbohydrates (potatoes, lentils & legumes, oats etc.). You need enough good, balanced high quality foods to be healthy, build muscle and deal with the stress of training as well as everyday life. Too much of a good thing is also no good – moderation in everything

Point 3 – Correct Rest:
All the training and diet is essentially useless if you do not have programmed rest.
Too much rest or too little will impact on your life, training and well-being. When you train/stress a muscle, the muscle is broken down to a degree. How the muscle reacts to this is to repair and re-build the damage. If the damage due to stress occurs at regular intervals, the muscle will attempt to adapt to this stress my building more muscle mass to deal with this stress. If this stress is too frequent and too harsh, the body cannot cope adequately with the repair as the mechanical and chemical ability is under siege. It needs time to build up the necessary resourced to cope.
In short, too much or too little training does not give the optimum result.

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