How did you find out about Total Care Personal Training? 
I had been looking for a personal trainer in St.Albans, I had a taster session with a local woman but she was bigger and more unfit than me and I wanted some to inspire/motivate me – thats when I came across Total Care via a search engine!

What made you decide you wanted to start a programme?
I was putting on weight and had no motivation, I was eating badly and didn’t know where to start with making the right changes. Wanted to get fit and bulk up and felt that I needed expert guidance on how to do that, since I generally struggle to gain muscle.

How do you feel now you have completed the your programme?
I feel like a new person! Much fitter, more confident in my own body, stronger!

What personal goals have you achieved?
For me it was about a lifestyle change I could maintain. My goal was to bulk up, and I gained 4 inches on my chest in 4 months of training, which is definitely more than I expected

What do you like best about being trained at Total Care Personal Training?
The expertise of the trainers, plus the studio atmosphere.
Friendly atmosphere, not intimidating. Quickly felt I could trust Tommy and Steve’s advice and expertise.

What would you say to someone on the fence about training here?
Try it, you’ll love it. I wish I had done it sooner. Commit to it fully and you definitely won’t regret it!

How did you find your coach Tommy and his methods of training?
Brilliant! Excellent – I think he has the right balance between motivating you and knowing when he’s pushing you too hard. He is genuinely interested in your development and takes the time to understand what’s needed.