Congratulations Michael on training with us 2 hours a week for 20 weeks and loosing 4 inches fro your waist, you have achieved some great goals.

We caught up with Michael after the photo shoot and asked hi a few questions….

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a programme?
The decision to start was pretty easy really, I needed to do something as I’d started putting weight on and was getting out of shape, this decision was made even easier after meeting Tommy and the team and hearing about the fitness programmes, coaching and nutritional advice they offer.

How do you feel now you have completed your programme?
Easy, fantastic!

What personal goals have you achieved?
I’ve achieved a number of goals that I’d set myself before I started the programme, mainly to get fitter, leaner and stronger all of which have been achieved. I’ve also lost about one and a half stone in weight and over 4” off my waistline.

It’ll be an even greater achievement if I can stick to this new lifestyle for the long term.

What do you like best about being trained at Total Care Personal Training?
That’s a tough one, Total Care has a lot of very positive attributes, the team are very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about their work and also ensuring your success. They make you feel very welcome from day one and provide the right amount of focus and advice without it getting too much (if that makes sense) and the programmes and nutritional plans are very easy to follow and understand. So friendliness and simplicity – sorry that’s 2!!

What would you say to someone on the fence about training here?
Do it, you won’t regret it….

How did you find your coach’s and their methods of training?
As mentioned above the guys are very knowledgeable, Steve has years of experience and Tommy shows great enthusiasm and passion in helping you achieve your goals. A great mix to have in a great environment.

Any other comments?
No further comments really, just a big thanks to Tommy, Steve and the rest of the team for a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable experience. I’ll definitely be back soon!!

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