Maria trained with her partner and daughter here at Total Care Personal Training. We caught up with her and asked a few questions…

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a programme?
I Wanted to improve fitness and get guidance under supervision

How do you feel now you have completed your programme?
We are really happy with the results and achievements.

What personal goals have you achieved?
I have toned up and gained muscle mass. Lost body fat and am definitely fitter.

What do you like best about being trained at Total Care Personal Training?
The guidance and support. We learned the right technique and was able to monitor progress.
We gained a better understanding of how to train properly.
We were able to push ourselves in a safe environment.
We have wasted loads of money on other gyms and couldn’t stay committed. There is something about TCPT that helped us stay committed and that shows in our results.

What would you say to someone on the fence about training here?
If you need a kickstart and want rapid results, joining this programme is a no-brainer. Really commit to your first 12 weeks. Turn up and train and eat well. You will get results!!

Any other comments?
Just a huge thank you from all of us. The family has really enjoyed working with you.

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