Doug joined Total Care Personal Training with his Wife to be Katie, so they could look and feel great on their wedding day.
This is what Doug had to say…

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a programme?
I was actually looking on behalf of my wife Katie when we first started. We had a few months left before our wedding at the time and she has always struggled to lose weight. Not that she was over-weight to start with, but I really wanted her to feel amazing for the wedding and to be able to look back at the pictures in years to come and be really happy about her figure. I started a programme for myself too for the same reasons of wanting to look and feel my best, as well as thinking that doing it together would be good fun and make it easier.

How do you feel now you have completed your programme?
I feel absolutely brilliant. I’ve been really pleased with my results in terms of how I look, my energy levels, I’m sleeping better, I’m stronger than ever and frankly, a lot happier in general. I’m so so pleased that I signed up and put the effort in

What personal goals have you achieved? Weight loss if you monitored it, strength, personal etc
I was about 80kg when we started and got down to about 74kg. I managed to double the number of chin-ups I was doing. My body seemed to change shape and look more athletic. My self-confidence went up and I had increased energy levels.

What do you like best about being trained at Total Care Personal Training?
For me, I’ve always struggled to commit to a gym before. I’ve signed up and been all ambitious for it, but I’ve never managed to maintain consistency in both training and eating right. The best part of Total Care for me are the parts that make that commitment much easier. It truly is a social gym as you’re in small group sessions, you commit to going because you’ve signed up to each session and don’t want to let the coaches down, the attention you get and how much you learn about training, the encouraging nature of both the coaches and the other members all helped to mean that I turned up 3 times a week for 3 months without missing a single session!

What would you say to someone on the fence about training here?
You’ve got to do it. It’s very flexible so you don’t need to sign up for too long but you’ll learn the techniques and the disciple to enjoy and commit to your training forever.

How did you find your coach’s and their methods of training?
I really liked the general attitude. i.e. you don’t get beasted or shouted at which doesn’t work for me. I love that you’re expected to work while in the gym rather than spend your time arranging the weights or tidying up. Although I was happy helping with that in busy sessions. Tommy has a really friendly, relaxed attitude providing you’re putting the work in and does a brilliant job of knowing what’s next and getting the gym fully prepped for you. Steve is extremely supportive and really encourages you, keeping you believing if you start to doubt your progress.

I ended up really getting into the training and frankly loved every second of it. Besides my personal goals, the most important goal to me was that Katie did get to have the perfect wedding and not only looks incredible, but actually believes it herself for the first time!! I’m really grateful to Tommy, Steve, Liz and the whole team for a life changing 3 months. It’s been a real eye opener for me in terms of what I can do and I’m looking forward to getting back into the gym soon! Thank you so, so much!!

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