TCPT Strong (Endurance, Strength & Power)

Believe you can and you’re half way there! No matter what shape you are now, if want you to get your dream physique then Total Care Personal Training, St Albans can help you achieve your goal. But if you haven’t been training for a while, then you’re going to be in for a bit of a surprise! It will require commitment but we will support, motivate and drive you forward.

Good things come from those who sweat.

Our Endurance, Strength & Power Training will help transform your body. We understand everyone is different so here at TCPT we can make a program that is as unique as you.
Feel like you need motivation and help from others? Semi Private Training sessions are for you.
Prefer not to interact with others, feel a little shy and want to concentrate just on you? Then Private sessions are what you need


You start your unique programme

We are with you every step of your way.

You see your body transform

The smile and confidence will grow daily.

You keep going

Stay with us or continue your programme at home.

What do you get?


Coaching & Support Private (1-1) or Semi-Private (max 4 people)
Body composition & movement screening
Unique and Individual programme tailored to your goals
Nutritional programme
A new amazing physique
Free TCPT bag and T-Shirt (12 months ONLY)


Want this


Our 3 month programme will help you towards setting the way you can move to maximise the effects of your training.

Really want this


Our six month package aimed at the more committed who have a specific goal in mind. You will see your body transform at a more sustainable rate.

Totally want this


Our twelve month package is a life commitment! This plan will dramatically enhance your strength, endurance, body composition and health. This will achieve life long results.