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The 3 basic requirements for being Fit & Healthy are: Correct Training, Correct Nutrition & Correct Rest. All are equally important.

At Total Care Personal Training the following three points are all necessary to obtaining the goal of being Fit, Strong & Healthy

Think of this as a tripod (3 legged stand). If 1 leg is too short – the stand will fall over. All 3 need to be even to obtain balance

Point 1 – Correct Training:
Muscle is extremely hard to build and it takes time. Incorrect training can also cause long term injury. This also refers to changing your body’s appearance i.e. lean, defined and strong. The problem with this is that whatever regime you follow, it might take years to find out if you are correct or not. This assumes of course that you stick to a properly outlined program. If the advice you are following is flawed, you are doomed to failure but it could take years to discover this.
Question: What is correct training?
Answer: Correct training needs to be both scientifically researched as well as experience based. You need to have faith in your instructor but also you need to question him or her. If the answers are not logical, you would be a fool to follow their advice. They need to have done their homework in researching training methods but also they need to have trained at a high level for many years to obtain the necessary experience and techniques. I they do not have the years of experience, they need to have served an apprenticeship of some type to have learned from someone who has. Technique and speed of movement is critical in safe continued improvement.

Point 2 – Correct Nutrition:
Have you ever stopped to think that in effect your body is a well tuned machine? It is extremely efficient at breaking food down into nutrients that make the machine work. If the fuel that we ingest is of low quality, expect the machine to work at reduced capacity. If the fuel (food) is of very low quality (or too much causing system overload) the machine begins to break down.
Would you put low quality fuel or even diesel into a highly tuned Ferrari motor car? What do you think might happen?
Balance is the key, you need to eat mainly unprocessed natural food in the proper quantities.
You need:
Fats (the good kind – unsaturated)
Protein (the best protein is animal based such as eggs, meat, chicken & fish)
Carbohydrates (potatoes, lentils & legumes, oats etc.). You need enough good, balanced high quality foods to be healthy, build muscle and deal with the stress of training as well as everyday life. Too much of a good thing is also no good – moderation in everything

Point 3 – Correct Rest:
All the training and diet is essentially useless if you do not have programmed rest.
Too much rest or too little will impact on your life, training and well-being. When you train/stress a muscle, the muscle is broken down to a degree. How the muscle reacts to this is to repair and re-build the damage. If the damage due to stress occurs at regular intervals, the muscle will attempt to adapt to this stress my building more muscle mass to deal with this stress. If this stress is too frequent and too harsh, the body cannot cope adequately with the repair as the mechanical and chemical ability is under siege. It needs time to build up the necessary resourced to cope.
In short, too much or too little training does not give the optimum result.

Please get in touch if you are interested in starting your journey with us and reaching your goals.

DAVID lost 8.7 inches from his waist

We have been working hard to make sure our clients smash their goals, and David certainly did that. We asked David why he joined us.
Well, there were 2 reasons for me starting out on this ‘journey’
1. Rehabilitation – after I had to have my right hip replaced as a result of suffering from and living with the aftermath of ‘Perthes’ Condition (diagnosed when I was 8)
2. Turning 40 in October! 😲 and want to go into my 40’s in best shape of my life!
My weight has yo-yo’d for a lot of my life but I have never been happy with the way I look. I’ve been members of various gyms on and off since I was 18 but never saw any results. No guidance – no advice – no results.
So in September last year when I was just getting up and around, I started looking on-line for ideas, fitness advice, gyms? That’s when I saw Total Care Personal Training, St Albans on Facebook. The place looked good, the reviews looked good so I thought, it’s now or never. That’s when I drove down to have a look around, after speaking to Liz and Tommy I knew I wanted to do it. 6 months in and I look and feel great! Can’t wait for the next 6 months, and after that? Who knows – not sure I could go back to a ‘gym’ again!?

It’s Not What You Weigh, it’s how you FEEL.

It’s Not What You Weigh, it’s how you FEEL.

It’s not what you weigh that’s important. It’s how you feel. If you feel happy, healthy and toned that’s much better than being a slave to a number on a weighing scale. In fact, it isn’t really about how much you weigh at all; it is about how much of that weight is fat.

It’s not about being skinny or the amount you weighed when you were 20 years old, it is about being a healthy weight and having an appropriate ratio of muscle to body fat.

For the most part, the amount of body fat you have is influenced by lifestyle – the amount and types of food you eat, drinks you consume, exercise you do, how you handle stress etc. And this is good because..

You can change your body if you change your lifestyle.

As people age, they start to lose muscle tissue – which is why weight-bearing exercise is recommended in particular for the over 40s. This is important because muscles, which are denser than body fat, burn calories faster. So as our muscle mass reduces, we burn fewer calories which means that, if we don’t reduce our food and drink consumption or increase our exercise levels, we will increase our body fat.

At Total Care Personal Training we offer a range of innovative programmes tailored to your specific needs. Each program is an initial 12 Week commitment. We have changed many people’s bodies and lives. You may lose weight (if you want to) but you may not. What you will get is a reduction in body fat, an increase in muscle tone, more energy, confidence and an awesome new shape.

Making health and fitness aspirational and part of everyday life. Do something today that your future self will thank you for book a complimentary consultation today.

Welcome Steve Frank our New Coach

We are really proud to have Steve join the Total Care Personal Training Studio as a Coach.
Steve will be Coaching in the Studio WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY Afternoons and SATURDAY’s

Steve is originally from South Africa, but has now been in the United Kingdom for over 20 years. With over 4 decades of experience in bodybuilding, he has been fortunate to have learned from some of the best. This includes his older brother Allen who qualified in America as one of the first personal trainers operating in South Africa.

Allen is a qualified pharmacist and a lifelong bodybuilder who also trained under the famous Reg Park (3 time Mr Universe title holder and hero of the young Arnold Schwarzenegger).


Steve Frank also trained with and learned from Bruce Paddon in the city of Durban (where he grew up) for many years. Bruce was a top competitive bodybuilder and an incredible fountain of knowledge who went on to train the stars in America.

After years of training and teaching, Steven purchased his own gym.
Here he trained many athletes from track, boxing, cycling, power lifting, bodybuilding and other sport disciplines.
Amongst these athletes were Deon Moorcroft who at that time came 3rd in the World Powerlifting Championships in his weight division.
Deon’s wife Wilna who placed 3rd in the Ms International in Hawaii.
 George Herwill who competed in the Mr Universe competition where the famous Gold’s Gym offered him sponsorship to move to America and compete for them.

Steve’s gym fast became known as one of the top competing bodybuilding gyms in the province and bodybuilders came from some distance to train and compete.
Most weekends would find Steven backstage at a bodybuilding event preparing his clients for shows. He even competed himself.

His main focus has always been on; Correct technique, Nutrition and Scientific approaches to all his training programs.

We are a FINALIST – FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards

We are a FINALIST – FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards
Amazing news and there are some great nominations, so as far as we are concerned everybody is a WINNER! FSB Finalists List

Congratulations to…
Best New Business
Clear Minds Education
Embrace Consultancy
Expert Leafleting
Fabio’s Gelato
Home Heating Scheme
The Food Teacher
The Personal Property Shop

and us 🙂 Total Care Personal Training
Herts 2016 FSB New Colour Logo Finalist (1)

Women speak of incredible transformation following St Albans fitness programme

Thank you to The Herts Advertiser for such a great story today 🙂
Read The full article here…

We have been working with Carla and Shelley over the last 12 weeks with many of the local businesses. It has been a very up and down journey and we have all worked hard to make sure that everyone felt confident and happy with where they were going.

Coming out of your comfort zone is a very emotionally hard thing to do and except that you need to do it. We work really hard to make sure our clients feel at ease and comfortable when they are training. Our coaches know when to push, when to ease off, have a laugh and get great results.

Tommy, a Coach at Total Care Personal Training adds “It is really all mind over matter, anything is achievable when you put your mind to it. We just show you the right path, educate and support you on your way to achieve your goals” also he says “I build confidence in people and entice them to try things out.”

Well done Carla and Shelley for how far you have come we look forward to seeing you soon and hearing many more stories about where you are going with LIFE.

Week 1 – Get Out Of The Rut 2016

Here is our first episode of Get Out Of The Rut 2016, Week 1 was at Total Care Personal Training, each week a new business will be showcased.

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