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What people are saying

"I lost 8.7 inches from my waist, 6 months in and I look and feel great! Not sure I could go back to a 'gym' again!?
"In 11 weeks, I have lost 1st 9lb in weight, I am stronger and fitter and I feel great”
"I lost 3 inches in 4 weeks and enjoyed every minute of it. What’s not to smile about"
"Even when times got challenging, you kept me focussed, determined and thirsty to achieve my goals and reach the highest heights."
"We are so proud of the team and honoured, thank you to all our clients and mentors who have helped us grow"
"Tommy's a great coach & motivator. He's designed a programme that's right for me & my goals, and I'm really happy with the progress I'm making towards achieving them."
"I'm fitter, stronger and have gone down 2 dress sizes. Today for the 1st time in my life, some 50 yrs and 11months I managed to touch my toes."
"Those with a fear of commitment, responsibility & accountability need not apply!"
"I come here to feel stronger and fitter and every week I feel I am getting better"
"Thanks again for everything so far. You have helped take away the pain and put me on the right path!"
"Tommy was always ready for me and we got on well and the program was different, which kept me interested"

After my first three weeks of training, I already find myself energised, mentally sharper, motivated to improve with every session

David Clarke, Chamber President
"Actually, I really enjoy it!!!"
"I felt very welcome and Tommy is great at setting achievable goals"


Why choose Total Care Personal Training

We understand everyone is individual. By developing innovative new programmes and ways of working with our clients that suit their lifestyles, we can help you achieve your goals.

Everyone needs to be motivated and we at TCPT want to help people get back on their feet and discover something new.


Amazing transformations

Our Endurance, Strength & Power Training will help transform your body.

Expert guidance

We create added value and make a difference to everyone we bring on board.

Plans built around your needs

Your body deserves the best and so we created a 3, 6 & 12 month Programme for you.

Watch the video and see why you should come visit.

What We Do Best…


3 Month Body transformation

Try us for 3 months and see your body transform. Full body workouts 2, 3 or 4 hours a week.

(Body Sculpting & Baby Bump Rehab)

Body Sculpting & Baby Bump Rehab Training will help you get back on your feet and in a new more confident body.

TCPT Strong
(Endurance, Strength & Power)

Believe you can and you’re half way there! Our Endurance, Strength & Power Training will help transform your body.

TCPT Sports specific
(Winter, Water & Recreational Sports)

A newbie or a pro? We can help you prepare yourself. Our Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, and Balance training will increase your performance and enjoyment of any sport.

Meet Doug & Katie

Working out together for their wedding

12 weeks 3 x a week

We help people smash their goals together!

Katie and Doug joined Total Care Personal Training, St Albans as a couple to get ready for their wedding day.

Katie says – “I have always had a goal wedding weight in my head and I ACHIEVED IT!! I lost 4.5kg over 12 weeks, as well as losing inches all over my body, but most importantly I stuck to the programme for the whole 12 weeks, nutrition and all.”

Doug Says “I feel absolutely brilliant. I’ve been really pleased with my results in terms of how I look, my energy levels, I’m sleeping better, I’m stronger than ever and frankly, a lot happier in general. I’m so so pleased that I signed up and put the effort in. I was about 80kg when we started and got down to about 74kg. I managed to double the number of chin-ups I was doing. My body seemed to change shape and look more athletic. My self-confidence went up and I had increased energy levels.”

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Train for as little as 2 hours a week

Amazing transformations tailored around your needs. The results speak for themselves.

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David – 2hrs a week for 6 months

After having a hip replacement I wanted to start my 40’s in best shape of my life! I lost 8.7 inches from my hips and I feel great.

Peter – Gained 4 inches

Everyone is different and that’s why tailor each program for you. We work with our clients and help them through every step, so we can deliver great results.

How to get the body you deserve

Expert Coach Tommy Carey shares his secrets on how to transform your body and your life. “If it doesn’t Challenge YOU, it doesn’t Change YOU”

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